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~~Since I have been seeing Dr. Santjer my health and wellness have improved dramatically. Her staff is friendly and knowledgeable. My pain has truly subsided and I look forward to continued success. I highly recommend Dr. Santjer.

- Nancy C

~~I followed Dr. Suzanne from her prior location to the current one, and would do so again if ever necessary. I enjoy going to her for treatment. She is always personable, professional and skillful. When I first started going to her, I had severe pain in my right arm and issues with several places in my back. She has totally eliminated the pain in my arm and periodically "tunes up" areas in my back when I irritate them. Less pain definitely improves quality of life.

- Cindy


~~After injuring my low back in a farming accident, I knew I needed some non-surgical relief. Then I learned about the chiropractic Activator Method. Chiropractors use a handheld device that produces a pulse of low force at a high speed which is a very comfortable way to realign the spine. Even though I had suffered from chronic lower back pain for years, I experienced tremendous relief from my first treatment. I have moved several times since that first chiropractic visit but luckily, I have always found a doctor who uses the Activator Method. With my last move, I found Chesapeake Natural Pain Management and Chiropractic and Dr. Suzanne Santjer. I have found that periodic visits continue to be effective in the management of my chronic low back pain and neck problems as well a musculoskeletal discomfort. Occasionally I will have a flare up with my lower back and will schedule additional visits, but Dr. Suzanne has taken care of the problems and I can return to my regularly scheduled visits. I wish I had started this treatment earlier. Dr. Suzanne also uses other very effective treatments to assist in giving relief to my pain and discomfort. My advice to friends is , "Just to try it. You will probably be surprised at just how good you will feel."


~~My first experience with low impact chiropractic was in 1996 for neck problems. After moving the following year, it took a while to find a doctor who used the low impact activator method. With a new diagnosis of interstitial cystitis, the alternative health care was remarkable in helping me achieve pain and pressure relief. A job relocation then led me to another change in chiropractors, this time to Dr. Suzanne Santjer. An old torn meniscus problem was giving me severe pain. Physical therapy, shots, and Prednisone had not given me relief for any length of time. Dr. Suzanne worked with me to keep my knee aligned and stabilized while the meniscus healed. It took several months, but it was worth the effort. Then last fall I injured the meniscus of my other knee. I knew immediately what the problem was and went directly to Dr. Suzanne. The pain was intense, and I had to climb steps at work several times a day! By using the low impact adjustments and other treatments on the afflicted knee, the major pain subsided quickly. Nevertheless, the tear needed time to heal and by keeping the knee in alignment, I again experienced total healing in about nine months with the soreness decreasing quickly over the last two months. By soreness, I mean that when I would walk on cement for several hours (like walking around a large department store), my leg and knee would ache really badly until I could get off of it for a day. Dr. Suzanne gave me various exercises to do to strengthen my knee as it progressed. Now I can go up and down stairs and walk for long periods of time without that intense pain. My prescribed exercises are even allowing me to do deep knee bends and squats. Additionally, Dr. Suzanne keeps my spine in alignment for my interstitial cystitis and some chronic low back discomfort (plus just about any other health problem I might experience). I am at the computer a lot and my right hand sometimes gets weak from using the mouse. She even helps with that! Keyboarding means neck and upper back soreness as well. Thanks to Dr. Suzanne, those problems are kept to a minimum as I see her every two to three weeks to keep in tip-top shape from head to toe!

- Fay

A couple years ago I was in a bad auto accident that messed up my back and neck. I was in a lot of pain due to the accident. Dr. Santjer treated me for my back and neck pain and over time I had tremendous improvement. I recommend her for anyone in all types of pain.

- Patrick V.

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